finding yoga everywhere

As part of my full-time job I have to travel quite a bit. Sometimes I am sent to amazing places, like Kona, Hawaii in the summertime, and other times I’m sent to South Dakota in the middle of February when the snow drifts are taller than me. Of course, being the yoga fanatic I am I always try to fit in a yoga class, and these days that is easy to do. Yoga seems to be everywhere. I once spent two weeks in Guatemala and found a wonderful yoga class in the city, Xela. The class was a bit challenging because I don’t speak fluent Spanish but I did my best to follow what everyone else was doing and managed to look only slightly ridiculous.

When I first started these travels, about 11 years ago, I would find a class by asking around. I would go to the local coffee shops and look at their bulletin boards, maybe ask the barista if they had recommendations, and they usually did. Nowadays, finding a class is much simpler with Apps like MindBody that pull up available classes based on your location. I usually look through the options and see which studios have a free first-time student class, or a Community Class where they charge a lower cost, like $5, in hopes that they are making yoga accessible to everyone who is interested.

If I’m traveling with a colleague I always invite them to come take a class with me, and 9 times out of 10 they do, even if they’ve only practiced a few times. If that’s the case then I usually try to find a Beginner’s or level 1 class. Even if the person tells me they’ve been practicing for years I may pick a class that is only moderate. I made the mistake once of taking a colleague to a candlelight Bikram yoga class and she panicked for a few minutes when she got a touch of dizziness halfway through the class. Getting dizzy during yoga sometimes happens, but getting dizzy when you have sweat pouring down your limbs and it’s dark will freak out anyone who isn’t used to it.

Last week, I had to travel to Massachusetts for a conference and decided to stay a couple extra days. I got an Airbnb in Beverly which is about 45 minutes north of Boston. As it turned out, the studio I was renting was over a yoga studio and I was able to get 50% off my class. The place is called HotCore yoga and I enjoyed the class. It was a faster pace than I’m used to for Bikram yoga, but I liked it. The instructor, Peter, had an interesting playlist where he mixed various Police songs (you know, Sting’s band from back in the day) and a variety of other songs that ranged everywhere from Bach to Beyonce to the Spice Girls.

The Airbnb

As convenient as HotCore was I found myself venturing out and between walking the beautiful beaches in the area I found another yoga studio in Gloucester called Treetop that had an afternoon Community Class. The place was packed which I always like. The instructor focused quite a bit on the shoulders and chest, which many of us need because of desk jobs that require us to be crouched over computers most of the day. She also threw in a few poses that not many instructors are confident enough to do, like Warrior 3 and Dancer, which I loved, but thought was ballsy for an All Levels class.

Anyways, I got back home yesterday and am working on what I will instruct for my 3 classes this week. That’s right! In addition to teaching Yin on Tuesdays and Slowburn (Vinyasa) on Wednesdays I am now teaching a Gentle Yoga class on Fridays at Black Tree Yoga Studio. I’m very excited! I also signed up to take a Yoga Wall class this morning and I’m looking forward to hanging upside down in those straps again.



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