I was born in the 80s and raised in the 90s which means one thing, I was a Saved by the Bell fan. I mean, who wasn’t? I’m talking about the original run, not the New Class or the College Years, neither of those were good spin-offs. I grew up in a small farm-town in the Midwest, and as much as I enjoyed it I always felt different. I thought, felt and acted differently than everyone else. Thus why I brought up SBTB (Saved by the Bell). While most girls my age wanted to be Kelly, because she was the popular one, or Lisa because she was the trendy one, I wanted to be Jessie. Jessie was a feminist, environmentalist and an activist who had no problem calling out the never-ending male chauvinism on the show, I adored her. I also wanted to be like Zack because I love mischief.

I think my love of Jessie Spano tells you a lot about who I am. Although I am not nearly as intense as she was on the show, at the heart of it I care deeply about people and I want to make the world better. A few weeks ago somebody asked me what I would go to the mat for and it took me all of two seconds to respond that I would step into the ring for any woman if it would secure her the right to be whoever she wants to be. If you Google me you will probably find that physically I am not a big or intimidating person, but I’m scrappy as hell, and…I’m from Iowa. Enough said.

To be upfront, I am NOT a writer. I know having a blog may infer that I think I am a writer or an author, but I am NOT. I am a blogger. I simply have thoughts and opinions on things that I want to share and I hope you enjoy reading them, and if you don’t I’m sure you’ll let me know. 🙂